Camping at Dungeness Spit

We took Greta for her first camping trip to Dungeness Park last weekend, joined by Jaclyn, Graham, Lulu and Althea — her first camping trip, too!

Dungeness is a beautiful, well-maintained campground just a few minutes outside of downtown Sequim. The campsites are above spectacular bluffs and a short walk from the 5.5-mile Dungeness Spit. We’ll definitely be back.

I have no apologies for the amount of baby and puppy photos to follow.

Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3640Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3644Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3646Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3648Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3660Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3667Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3671Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3682Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3689Dungeness Camping20140606-IMG_3695

Down Goes the Lilac Tree

When we bought our house, it came with some great landscaping. We have a hydrangea bush and Japanese maple in the front beds. On the side of the house, the grass is cut out for more beds centered around a rhododendron and camellia tree. Our back patio was also shaped around a tree as well, but it was a sore sight from the start.

The ill-fated Lilac tree bloomed beautifully every April for a few weeks but the rest of the year showed its diseased, bare branches. Cement had been poured into its caverns. The Lilac hadn’t been pruned properly in years and had really taken over the functional space of the patio.

I lobbied Amanda for the past few years to take the Lilac down and open more patio space for dining and entertaining. She gave in last year but wanted to see one more bloom.

That bloom came and the Lilac went. Thanks to Dad and Scott for helping with the labor!


Katrine’s Baby Shower

There are special occasions in life that remind you how old you really are — like when an old roommate that you endearingly called a platonic wife is with child. Someone pass me a 401k with a dash of mortgage.

Yes, Katrine is pregnant and looking great at that. Amanda and I went to her and Jason’s baby shower last weekend. I was told a lot of guys would be there. They weren’t, but I had my camera to keep busy with and document this special day for a great friend.

Katrine Shower _140518_1Katrine Shower _140518_2Katrine Shower _140518_3Katrine Shower _140518_4Katrine Shower _140518_5Katrine Shower _140518_6Katrine Shower _140518_7Katrine Shower _140518_8Katrine Shower _140518_9Katrine Shower _140518_10

Denmark and Sweden in Photos


Norway in Photos


Iceland in Photos

Finally! Iceland was an incredibly rugged, sparse and beautiful country. We spent a good amount of time in Reykjavik and saw some of the country by driving the classic “Golden Circle.” I’ll update this post down the road with the journal I kept as well. For now, pictures!

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