7 Easy Steps to Look Lumbersexual

Lumbersexual dress is all the buzz. I’ve been called out for dressing lumbersexually over the past couple of months. So, I felt qualified to make a short video helping others find their lumbersexual style. Here’s the original script I wrote. Things changed a bit when we were shooting, but the basic idea is all there.

Original script:

So, you want to dress like a Lumbersexual… a Paul Bunyan-inspired, Brawny Man that dresses for the woods but lives in the city. Just follow these seven easy steps:

1. The beard. If you are over the age of 25 you should be able to grow a respectable beard in two to three months. If you are betwen 15 and 25-years-old allow five to 10 years. If you are younger than 15 years old await puberty and monitor armpits daily.

2. The hair. If you don’t have hair skip to Step 3. The hair must be combed, most often to the side. Visit a barber every two to three weeks to ensure your hair is properly groomed.

3. The beanie. You should wear a beanie in the winter time. Trucker hats are appropriate for warm weather and is the only acceptable heat-releasing accessory.

4. Wear pants. Wearing pants is always a good idea and required with shoes by many restaurants. Blue jeans work best. Dark wash. Slim fit. Roll at least once to highlight…

5. Boots. You will never wear sneakers again. Boots are appropriate for all occasions. They are to be worn with patterned socks, preferably made from scratch wool.

6. Flannel shirt. It cannot be just plaid or flannel; both are required. Buffalo plaid is an ideal pattern. Top button should be buttoned, unless temperatures exceed 80 degrees.

7. The axe. You must own an axe. Do not use the axe for chopping wood but for referencing in conversation and posing for photos.

There you have it. You’re a lumbersexual now! Don’t forget to post all of your lumbersexual activities to Instagram so that your urban friends can see how outdoorsy and lumbersexual you really are.

My Mount Rainier Tattoo

I’ve been waiting a long time to get a tattoo representing Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound. I have lived between both my entire life!

Mike Flanagan at House of Tattoo in Tacoma listened to my idea for an abstract “mountain to sound” landscape and translated that into a fine shoulder tattoo. Thanks, Mike!

How to Surprise Your Wife with a Hawaii Vacation

I surprised my wife with a trip to Maui for her birthday and caught the whole thing on camera.

First Ski Tour on Mount Rainier

I was excited for my first ski tour on Mount Rainier this past Saturday.

My friend Jaclyn was celebrating a birthday snowshoeing on the mountain, and I decide to try out my skin set-up. I just put Marker Baron bindings on my Salmon Rocker 2 122s. I got new Scarpa Maelstre RS boots and G3 skins. For snow safety, I picked up a Black Diamond/Pieps set-up and BCA Float 22 backpack. I really didn’t need all of that gear, but it was nice to put it all on and figure things out in a low-risk environment.

All that gear made for a slower climb due to the weight of the skis and loaded backpack, but I obviously had a faster descent than snowshoeing! The snow was nice and powdery, which made for some tasty turns.

I loved the work-out, and it was a great way to get on skis for the first time this season.

Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6584Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6588Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6593Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6597Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6600Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6604Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6610Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6612Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6613Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6614Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6617Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6620Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6625Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6627Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6628Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6633Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6634Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6635Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6639Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6641Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6645Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6655Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6657Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6661Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6667Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6670Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6674Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6681Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6685Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6690Jaclyn Snowshoe Birthday20141213-IMG_6694

Thanksgiving 2014 Timelapse

Let’s relive every bite.

#HeySwansons: Christmas Tree Shopping at Swanson’s Nursery

This post is sponsored by Swanson’s Nursery.

Swanson’s Nursery in Seattle, WA, invited me to help kick off their “Pick the Perfect Tree” program for the Holiday season.

For those of you who want to save time on your Christmas tree shopping, or just want someone to pick the best tree for you, this is your ticket. All you have to do is tweet #HeySwansons (my choice) or post on Swanson’s Facebook page requesting the type of tree you want, and the good folks at Swanson’s will pick your tree out for you and have it ready for pick up Monday-Thursday. Get all the details on at

I tweeted #HeySwansons requesting a 6-foot “Burton Blue” Noble Fir. The next day, Amanda, Greta and I went out to Swanson’s and sure enough our tree was ready for us to pick up. Robin at Swanson’s helped us out and made everything easy, from finding our reserved tree to installing the stand to loading it on top of our car.

On top of the great service, Swanson’s has an awesome Holiday vibe. It’s a one-stop shop for wreaths, poinsettias, visiting Santa and seeing a camel and reindeer. Sorry, Santa, but the reindeer really stole the show for me.

Thanks for the great tree, Swanson’s! We’ll be back.

(Most) Photos by Amanda Mottola.

Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_1Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_2Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_3Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_4Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_5Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_6Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_7Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_8Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_9Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_10Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_11Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_12Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_13Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_14Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_15Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_16Hey Swansons Christmas Trees_141123_17