We Hiked The Enchantments!

They’re worth the hike and the permit lottery. The Enchantments are just that good. We’ll be back.


Norse Peak Hike

In advance to a big Enchantments trip, I got a training hike in with Scott, Mike, Todd and Jessie.

The hike to Norse Peak starts out of the Crystal Mountain parking lot and up, up, up, intersecting the PCT. It was a great hike with an awesome view of Mt. Rainier.

Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7173Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7179Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7195Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7196Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7216Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7219Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7220Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7224Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7233Norse Peak20140706-IMG_7234

Chaffee Baby Shower

To welcome those twin boys, many, many women came together to watch Courtney open presents for three hours. I don’t get women.

Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5427Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5429Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5432Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5433Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5439Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5443Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5445Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5447Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5454Artherhults Seattle20140629-IMG_5461

Ty, Amber and Kids Visit Tacoma!

We were so excited to host my brother-in-law Ty and his family as part of their road trip across the country from Indiana. We always love showing people where we live and all the great parts of Tacoma!

Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5134Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5135Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5144Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5146Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5148Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5160Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5166Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5180Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5183Artherhults Seattle20140627-IMG_5185

REI Camping Trip at Penrose Point

The annual REI marketing camping trip is always fun. I am privileged to work with such smart, fun people that share a passion for playing outdoors.

REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4802REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4819REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4826REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4828REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4833REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4841REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4856REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4877REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4887REI Penrose Camping20140626-IMG_4892

Exploring Doe Bay

Amanda and I made a first trip to Orcas Island for a wedding at Doe Bay. I wasn’t a photographer for the wedding. Rather, I shot everything around the wedding as we took in an amazing Puget Sound destination.

Doe Bay20140620-IMG_4304.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4318.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4332.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4350.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4353.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4391.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4451.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4453.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4455.jpgDoe Bay20140620-IMG_4485
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